What Type Of Millennial Are You?


What's .... name?

The exam is ............................. than last year

We’ve been here __________ Monday

They ..... at home last night

You have to try and understand _____ if you want to live together.

Can you help me? My phone is out of _____.

No sooner had I finished one project ___ I had to start the next

Read the following text about Tommy Hilfiger, a famous American designer.

I was lucky enough to get an interview with Tommy Hilfiger the other day. Being one of the top American designers, he is rather hard to get hold of, but eventually my persistence paid off and I was able to spend half a day with him and his team – quite amazing considering all his other commitments. He appeared for our appointment wearing his customary shades, a blue shirt, light trousers and a checked overcoat. Physically with his brown hair and vivid blue eyes, Tommy looks an energetic mid-forties – his actual age – but can also look older or younger depending on the particular situation.

We talked a little about the history of his company before going on to have a look at some of the new season’s fashion designs. After establishing his menswear collection – having particular success with his designer jeans and shoes – Tommy went on, in 1996, to establish a women’s clothing line, ‘Tommy’, which has had amazing success. His fashion design empire now includes athletic wear, underwear and kids wear as well as designer fragrances, cosmetics, toiletries for men and women, jewelry, other accessories and home furnishings.

As we watched his top models showing his new collection – slim-line jeans, red leather motorcycle jackets, tartan blouses and leather skirts in stunning combinations – he was constantly talking either to me about his various projects or on his cell phone, making plans for commercial soots, for flying off to Florida and for the numerous other things that make up a day in the life of one of the world’s most successful designers. He also told me that he had plans for future expansion but those would be for our next interview.

It is common for top designers to -----.

Do you think that _________ meat is unhealthy?

My brother loves Jane but she doesn’t love ________

What Type Of Millennial Are You?

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